Hello Strangers, Weirdos, Normals,Perverts, Chums, Artists,Athletes and Chabronies. First off, thank you for coming to read my blog. You didn’t have to, and you did anyway, so I am going to be so audacious as to take that as a compliment.

So I guess I should introduce myself  might tell you my name if you ask, and I might not. So I guess I’ll just start with pictures.

this is my silly face, and my pretty face…



This is my dog Icarus, and yes, my toilet in the background.


and this is my hungry Cat Gulden Draak eating out of a bread shaped sandwich container,

He is not eating a sandwich, it is just cat food…


and this is them playing tug of war, yes, they totally do that



and this is my computer…




My Desktop feels cluttered. You might also might notice that it is not a mac. I’ve noticed this too, and I wish it was, although I don’t completely understand why…

I don’t understand many things.

Like many people who have realized this before me, I have also come to realize that I am seem to be swirling in an ocean of swirly-twirly perpetual reflection and sparkles. I have made a personal decision to just go with the flow, twirly as it may be, and share with you my thoughts along the way.

Life: it’s weird as sometimes stupid

People: Sometimes weird, usually not stupid

Myself: Definitely weird, but not as stupid as I look.

I have formed a collection of coping mechanisms in an effort to ahem *cope with these seemingly simple, yet oh-so-complex discoveries, and I have tried my best to break them down into a few categories and sub-categories surrounding my personal interest and having to do with my own perceptions. seeing as these interests are broad, and many, for now I will spare you the endless lists and ramblings I have created, opting instead to let my writing unfold naturally as this blog grows and flowers like a beautiful Carrion flower.

for now I will leave you with a stupid joke…

why did the monkey fall out of the tree?






because he died.

Stay strange